The Complete 7 Chakra Collection Shamanic Feather Wands Set
The Complete 7 Chakra Collection Shamanic Feather Wands Set
The Complete 7 Chakra Collection Shamanic Feather Wands Set

The Complete 7 Chakra Collection Shamanic Feather Wands Set

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In this collection, you will receive SEVEN Shamanic Feather Wands for the price of SIX!!

The Complete 7 Chakras Collection gifts to you all 7 of our Shamanic Feather Wands. Each wand has been intentionally designed & handmade to correspond to each of the 7 main Chakras. Listen to your mind, body & spirit.. Feast upon the beauty of each of the 7 Feather Wands & allow your intuition to guide you each day to a particular Feather Wand - or mindfully tap into your inner wisdom & choose a Wand to help you balance a Chakra that you feel is most in need of energetic alignment.

You will receive the following Shamanic Feather Wands:

1 x Red Grounding - Root Chakra Feather Wand

1 x Warm Creativity - Sacral Chakra Feather Wand

1 x Yellow Abundance - Solar Plexus Chakra Feather Wand

1 x Green Love - Heart Chakra Feather Wand

1 x Blue Expression - Throat Chakra Feather Wand

1 x Purple Intuition - Third Eye Chakra Feather Wand

1 x White Divinity - Crown Chakra Feather Wand

  • Artistically designed & hand made with naturally shed Wild Turkey, Guinea Fowl & Pheasant feathers.
  • Approx. 26-29cm each.

    You will receive an information card with your purchase, providing mantras for Energy Clearing a person or space, as well as directions on how to conduct your own personal Sacred Smudging Ritual.

    Your 7 Feather Wands come safely stored in a single reusable Gift Box.

    An incredible tool set for Energy Workers & Holistic Healing Practitioners.

    Shamanic Feather Wand Energy Clearing is a beautiful practice to align yourself before Meditation & Yoga.

    Great for Energy Clearing/Balancing, Chakra Alignment & Sacred Ritual work.

    A beautiful addition to your alter or sacred space.

    All lovingly hand crafted & designed on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

    To Enhance Your Ritual: During checkout, we welcome you to share your intention for your Shamanic Feather Wands so we can align their energy to the recipient.

    Practicing Aura Cleansing by using a Feather Wand to cleanse your personal energy or space can be done whenever you are feeling energetically out of balance.

    You may use your Feather Wand in partnership with the smoke of a Smudging Bouquet or Palo Santo. If you decide that you would prefer not to use smudging smoke in your house due to allergies or sensitivities, you can do the same Clearing Ritual by using the Feather Wand alone. The effect will be the same upon your Aura/Energy Body or space. Your belief, intentions & visualizations during your session is what is most important.

    Our Shamanic Feather Wands are ethically designed & made from feathers that have been naturally shed. Sentient Creations is strongly against the harm or ill treatment of any sentient being. No animals are harmed in the  production of these Feather Wands.

    Each piece is natural & unique. Size & colour varies from piece to piece.

    Please remember to always exercise care & caution when working with fire & energies.

    Our Feather products are same or next day shipped so you will receive within a maximum of 1 week from purchase. 

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