Fragrant Scented Car Diffuser

Mini Car Scented Diffuser With Rose Gold Cap (Avail in 10 fragrances)

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Mini Car Scented Diffuser by Kerry Ann's Infinite Creations are crafted & hand poured using the highest quality fragrances.

Available in 10 different fragrances comes with Rose Gold Cap

Great add on item, keep that car of hers smelling delicious every day of the week. Long lasting scents.

Our specialised car diffuser is a car air freshener that will last up to 12 months.


Simply pop the bung cap off, replace the wooden lid and turn upside down for 5-10 seconds (until you see the fragrant oil coming through) replace the bung cap and hang. Refresh the scent as often you would like

Dimensions: 5cm x 2.5cm