Aqua Weighted Eye Mask

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We are in love with our new Weighted Eye masks.


Changing Seasons weighted eye masks provide the client with darkness to assist your transition into a deeper sleep faster & naturally while aiding in REM sleep, the most crucial part of the sleep cycle.

SOOTHES your eyes with uplifting pressure to reduce puffiness around the eyes

Releases tension, stress and fatigue caused by using digital devices or computer monitors, reading, or driving long distances.

ASSISTS your inner focus during YOGA practice and resting periods by blocking out intrusive light and shadows.


Our eye masks are also commonly used as a Migraine treatment tool, where the pressure of the mask can alleviate some pain associated with the migraine. 

Ever wish you could move around with an Eye Pillow still on your face? With our adjustable strap, our Eye Mask is like an Eye Pillow that allows you to move freely. 

Weight: 230 grams