7 Chakra Crystal Healing Set

7 Chakra Crystal Healing Set

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We have carefully hand selected 7 Raw Crystals relating to each of your 7 Chakras to create this incredibly powerful box set of healing crystals.

Align & balance your mind, body & energetic field by placing crystals along the 7 chakra energy points of your body.

Each set comes in a beautiful gift box with a Chakra’s & Crystals information card to help you select crystals based upon your energetic needs.

Or wake up each morning & allow your self to intuitively select a Crystal for the day, then refer to the guide to help give you insight into what your energy body & subconscious mind is calling for.

The 7 Chakra Crystal Set contains:

1 x Black Straightened Tourmaline - Root Chakra

1 x Citrine Point- Sacral Chakra

1 x Pyrite - Solar Plexus Chakra

1 x Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra

1 x Peacock Ore - Throat Chakra

1 x Amethyst Point - Third Eye Chakra

1 x Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra

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