4 Elements Smudge Stick
4 Elements Smudge Stick
4 Elements Smudge Stick

4 Elements Smudge Stick

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Are you ready to bring a peaceful & balancing mindful practice into your life?

Are you in need of a simple yet powerful way to focus & clear your energy?

Our 4 Elements Smudge Kit has everything you need to set up a Sacred Space & start a Smudging Ceremony, Energy Balancing or Space Clearing Ritual right away!

New to Smudging? Perfect! Along with everything you need to get started, this Kit comes with an information & insight card providing mantras for Energy Clearing a person or space, as well as directions on how to conduct your own personal Sacred Smudging Ritual.

The 4 Element Smudge Kit includes 7 sacred tools that represent each of the 4 main elements; Earth, Fire, Air & Water. By integrating & honouring these 4 elements in your Rituals, you may bring forth the grounding & balancing power of Mother Nature to support & enhance your clearing ritual as well as aligning your own energetic vibration to her naturally grounding frequency.

  Earth: 1 x Signature Smudge Bouquet, 1 x Palo Santo Stick, 1 x Small Selenite Clearing Wand, 1 x Black Quartz Ritual Sand 250g.

 Fire: 1 x Gold Ritual Candle

 Air: 1 x Mini Shamanic Feather Wand

 Water: 1 x Small Abalone Smudge Shell

✧ White Sage Signature Botanical Smudging Bouquet - Clears negative energy & low vibrations, purifies the air & reduces airborne pollutants.

✧ Palo Santo - Also known as "holy wood', has been used for centuries as a spiritual & physical purification tool.  It is an all natural, aromatic wooden incense that may be used to purify, heal & raise the vibration of a person, space or object. Aprox. 10cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm

✧ Selenite Clearing Wand - A versatile crystal tool that may be used for energy cleansing, balancing, healing & protection. Often referred to as “liquid light,” Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant, stuck energy - realigning & promoting a healthy, smooth energy flow.

Selenite is unlike any other crystal. It doesn’t need to be charged & it will clear & amplify the energy of all crystals set upon it. You may also use this Selenite Charging Wand to place items on it such as watches, rings & other personal items to clear their energy & be ready to program with intent & wear the next day. Aprox. 10cm x 4cm

✧ Abalone Smudging Shell - Our abalone shells are ethically sourced from the pristine waters of South Australia. They are beautiful vessels perfect for smudging mini, small & medium Smudge Stick Bouquets, Charcoal Incense Discs & Palo Santo. Roughly 10cm long 7.5 wide

(Abalone shells should not be exposed to direct heat, as they can scorch. Always place a layer of Ritual Sand in the bottom of the shell before placing burning Smudge tools on top.)

Black Quartz Ritual Sand - Ritual sand helps absorb the heat from Smudges &/or Charcoal Discs. A layer of sand is also excellent for putting out a smudge when you are finished with the ritual. Made from Pure Black Quartz - a naturally grounding & intention enhancing crystal.

Our Ritual Sand is water friendly & can be rinsed in a fine strainer with water then air dried for reuse.

✧ Golden Ritual Candle - As a profound symbol of illumination, the candle may be used in Ritual & placed on an Altar or around the home to assist invoking your spiritual intention. In this way, it is a well-used sacred tool for ceremony, as well as magic & manifestation. (10cm long)

✧ Mini Shamanic Feather Wand - Practicing Aura Cleansing by using a Feather Wand to cleanse your personal energy or space can be done whenever you are feeling energetically out of balance.

You may use your intentionally handcrafted Shamanic Feather Wand in partnership with the smoke of a Smudging Bouquet or Palo Santo. If you decide that you would prefer not to use smudging smoke in your house due to allergies or sensitivities, you can do the same Clearing Ritual by using the Feather Wand alone. The effect will be the same upon your Aura/Energy Body or space. Your belief, intentions & visualizations during your session is what is most important.

  •  Smudging is a beautiful practice to balance & calm your mind & energy body before Meditation & Yoga.
  • Great for Energy Clearing/Balancing, Chakra Alignment & Sacred Ritual work.
  • A perfect way to raise the vibe & positive energy in your home or office space!!⠀
  • All lovingly hand crafted & designed on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
  • Our Palo Santo has fallen naturally & is sustainably sourced so the tree itself is not harmed & the integrity of the wood is sustained for powerful ceremonial use.
  • Our Shamanic Feather Wands are ethically designed & made from feathers that have been naturally shed. Sentient Creations is strongly against the harm or ill treatment of any sentient being. No animals are harmed in the  production of these Feather Wands.
  • Each item is natural & unique. Size & colour varies from piece to piece.
  • Please remember to always exercise care & caution when working with fire & energies.
  • Smudge in a well ventilated area. Always use with a fire safe holder or bowl & place on a level, heat resistant surface. Ensure ash & embers are caught safely.
  • Keep out of reach of children & pets.
  • Consult a health care practitioner before use if you are pregnant or suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues.
  • Never leave burning smudge products unattended.

Gift Box Size: 16.3cm x 16.3cm x 5.2cm

Our Smudge Stick products are same or next day shipped so you will receive within a maximum of 1 week from purchase. 

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