Entering the mystical world of Tarot, my journey.....

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Today I felt it fitting, as our first blog post, to introduce myself, Kristel, co owner or Earth Angels and self confessed spiritualist, angel card lover and the eternal optimist and to share with you all how I came to be interested and subsequently immersed in the spiritual realm......

 As little girl, I recall my mother, grandmother and aunty chatting about their "reading", this happened so often,every 4-5 months, and I began taking it all in. 

My mother started collecting her own card decks and I watched her grow on a spiritual level, she's highly intuitive and this all fascinated me. I watched intently as she gave readings to my cousins, close friends and family. I was absorbing this information, the images on the cards like a little sponge. 

It wasn't until my early 30's when my mum gifted me my first set of angel cards, hesitantly I kept them hidden away from my partner but not long after, I was consulting them everyday, my angel cards. I found the cards bought me clarity, peace when I needed it and often guidance. 

After truly finding myself these last 2 years, I am now an avid card consulter and am known to give readings to my nearest and dearest, I have 7 card decks altogether. 

My dream, was to share our love of all things fantastical, soulful and spiritual, so here we are. Thankyou for coming along on the ride. 

Chat soon

K xo

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